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Great American Wheat Harvest Premieres in DC

04/30/2014 4:20 PM | Anonymous
    On March 25th the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film, produced by ConjoStudios, LLC, made it’s national debut in Washington, D.C. A crowd of about 250 people gathered at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian on a snowy Tuesday morning for a celebration of this film on National Ag Day; the film screening was an official part of the National Ag Day festivities. All of the harvesting crews featured in the film, and even one wheat farmer and his family were able to attend the premiere along with many of the film’s sponsors.

     After working on this project for nearly four years, Producer and Director, Conrad Weaver, President of ConjoStudios, LLC, was relieved and excited to begin sharing his film with the world. “It’s thrilling to see so many people come out to view this film. It’s been such huge project, and I’ve invested so much time, energy, and resources into it, so I’m excited that people want to see the finished product,” says Weaver.
     The crowd’s reaction to the film was fun to watch. There was laughter at some of the lines, especially when custom harvester Jim Deibert said that people ask him if he wants to go to Vegas. His response, “Hell, no. I do enough gambling all Summer, why do I want to go to Vegas and gamble?”  And other parts of the movie brought people to tears like when Jenna Zeorian talks about her struggle to decide to NOT go on harvest. At the end of the film the crowd rose to it’s feet for a standing ovation.
     “I was deeply moved and humbled to receive this type of recognition,” says Weaver.  “However, It’s the harvesters and farmers who really need the standing ovation! They are the ones who take the risks each year, so that the rest of us can eat.”
     One individual commented after he viewed the film that he will never look at a loaf of bread the same again, realizing now what all goes into producing it.  Another tweeted, “The Great American Wheat Harvest film captivated me from the first words…to the very last word! Awesome documentary! Phenomenal footage.”
     Following the national premiere in Washington, DC, the film was shown to a sold-out theater in Lincoln, Nebraska where it again received many compliments!  The first public showing of the film took place later that same week at the Midwest Theater in Scottsbluff, NE and is currently showing in independent theaters in Kansas.
     The film opens in 15 theaters in the midwest the week of May 12.   Weaver comments, “The general public needs to see this film. Harvesters and farmers already know what goes on during harvest, and they are excited to see it, and we’re glad they come!  But it’s the public who doesn't know or understand agriculture who’s the target audience we’re hoping to reach. We’ve already submitted it to several film festivals and theaters, and are looking for other venues to show it as well.”  
     After the film shows in theaters and makes its rounds in festivals, it will be broadcast on RFD-TV in early November, and will then be released on DVD and BLU-RAY which will contain footage, interviews, and extra content that does not appear in the film. There has also been considerable interest in the film from people in Ireland, England, and Australia. Plans are to release it world-wide via an on-line distribution site such as iTunes and Amazon.com.    
     Weaver and his team are currently raising funds to be able to make this world-wide distribution possible. Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities in the distribution of the film should contact Jody Lamp or Melody Dobson for more information at 406-698-9675 or info@GreatAmericanWheatHarvest.com.

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